Alyssia & Andrew

Alyssia & Andrew are a brother and sister duo from Chicago, Illinois. They were lead to Christ at an early age and started to pursue Him with a passion for worship. Alyssia & Andrew were exposed to many different genres of music in their young lives. This versatility has led them to what is now a very refreshing, soulful and purposeful, contemporary style of worship. "Our worship crosses cultural lines that are easily acceptable for all people to enter a place of worship, in the presence of the Holy Spirit. We see worship as more than a place, more than just a song, more than just mere words, but ultimately an attitude of the heart, an everyday life experience."

"Our worship is the sincere giving of our entire self, our thoughts and our emotions, to God's use. Our worship is a response to who God is, what He has done and is doing, and what He will do in the future. We are completely sold out for Him, enabling the Spirit and His anointing, to flow through us!"

Alyssia & Andrew are living a life that reflects and displays Gods love, hoping their music will lead all ears that hear into a heart changing experience. Both know the weight of the calling that has been put on their lives: "To bring people of all cultures into an encounter of the presence and power of God's love through the ministry of music...worship."